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Winding Road Estate Sales

Liquidating estates large and small.

Thanks for visiting, my hope is to answer as many of your questions beforehand so that you may be better informed concerning the important task of liquidating your estate or perhaps the estate of a loved one.

Or maybe you just need to downsize or declutter. Perhaps you are moving and packing and need relocation services. 

Winding Road Estate sales offers a variety of services and will create a custom service contract individually suited for you or your loved ones needs.

That's perfectly acceptable to hire a professional for the most important task of liquadating or downsizing a lifetime of treasures, oddities, trinkets   including yard, garden and garage!

And the best way to increase your bottom line and receive the most for your investment of time and money for your property is an estate sale.

I understand this can be a difficult emotional time with lots of overwhelming duties you may have to perform quickly while still handling your own busy  life.

My company provides a service equipped to handle the research and coordination involved in preparing an estate for liquidation.

The aspects involved in the liquidation process beginning with the research of items, pricing of items, advertising ( locally and nationally) contacting of dealers and collectors for a specific one of kind item, organizing and staging home , decluttering and cleaning of estate ( adhering to CDC guidelines during preparation and throughout selling of estate items) , On-line sales and auctions will become customary to sell items before opening of  sale.

Second part: Sell,sell,sell! We advertise on several social media platforms and will utilize these for selling estate items ,online sales through our extensive email list,  we will also advertise on our company website,,, and our company facebook page. 


The conclusion of the estate sale will include boxing up and donating unwanted items to a local charity organization, an itemized list and donation receipt will be included for tax exemption purposes. One of many services we offer.

My company is focused on providing the highest quality service and consistent client satisfaction for San Antonio and surrounding communities. I am a licensed and insured liquidator and any estate liquidation company you speak with should be as well for your own benefit.

The goal is to increase the bottom line for the client all the while keeping the process simple.

Winding Road Estate Sales will work with delicacy understanding the items from a client's estate are most valuable if that estate is  large or small.

The work will be done efficiently and with expertise.

If our knowledge in a particular area ( Gold, Diamonds, Silver, Rugs, Art, Furs,Musical instruments, Automobiles, Farm equipment etc.) is not satisfied, an appraiser will be consulted.

This company is dedicated to researching and appraising your estate sale items in order to increase the bottom line for your families most prized possessions.

I have 30 years of combined experience in business and in the liquidating of estates. I also have appraisers that I rely on that specialize in many different fields. And outstanding long time trustworthy staff to help on sale days.  I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally concerning your estate sale needs.

Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Semi-precious stones. 

Weighed and sold according to current (Daily) prices.


Living Room

Antique, Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary


Kids Room

Furniture to change up a childs' room no matter the age.



Items to fill any kitchen


Interior & Decor

​Furniture Exchange

Winding Road Estate Sales offers decluttering, organizing and downsizing events. We also help with relocation services. We are happy to custom tailor a service contract to accommodate a clients specific needs.

What our customers are saying

MariaElena took an unsurmountable task and handled it too!

We were shocked and amazed at her talent and customer service skills. The nice check wasn't bad either!

Jane Moss

November ,2019

San Antonio, Tx

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