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" I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to consult with you and your family." 

MariaElena Rodríguez 



MariaElena and Elizabeth are a talented team!"

Polly Maclean

Fair Oaks Ranch, October 2012

"Winding Road Estate Sales are professional and very efficient. They treated my mother-in-law's belongings and family members with respect. She had papers and belongings in every corner of her house and it was a job that would have taken me months to go through much less sell. The sale was a huge success."

Cindy Maclean

Fair Oaks Ranch, October 2012

"Winding Road Estate Sales facilitated an estate liquidation for me in August 2012. the owner worked with a very short time frame and pulled it together beautifully. They were organized, informative, creative and professional, MariaElena exceeded my expectations I would highly recommend Winding Road Estate Sales to help liquidate your estate, you will be pleased! Thank you ladies!!"

Mary Hernandez

San Antonio, Texas, August 2012

"My sister and I called Winding Road Estate Sales three weeks before my fathers' closing date on his house in San Antonio, TX. Since this was last minute Winding Road Estate Sales was very informative as to what the do, how they price items and how much their commission would be. Everything went smoothly and would definitely call Winding Road Estate Sales again. Thank you so much for all your help."

Bertha Pline

San Antonio, Texas, November 2013

"MariaElena did such a great job we hired her twice !"

Janet Hutsell

October 2016

January 2017

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